- Cell therapy

Stem cells treatment


Our clinic offers stem cell treatment that today is applied for fighting against various diseases including diabetes, hepatocirrhosis, B and C hepatitis, cardiomyopathy, backbone and brain traumas, strokes, infarctions etc. Stem cells restore immunity, enhance skin structure, raise potency and recover tissues and cartilages. Stem cells are also applied for treatment of oncological diseases, hereditary blood diseases and various severe inflammatory processes. There is every reason to believe that in the nearest future we’ll forget about diseases that earlier have been considered incurable and that stem cells shall become panacea able to give people hope to escape from the majority of ailments.  

Stem cells are predecessors of absolutely all cells of our organism. As all other cells they propagate by means of division but have the main distinction: they can divide unrestrictedly whereas mature cells have restricted number of division cycles. Stem cells renew and substitute cells lost in the result of any organs and tissues injuries. They are called to restore and regenerate human’s organism from the date of his birth.

Our clinic offers you today to take advantage of the medicine of future and address to the treatment of diseases you and your family are disturbed with the help of stem cells. Our specialists shall help you to sort out all questions concerning stem cell treatment, give consultation, make an appointment and acquaint you with advantages and course of treatment. For that you should fill out a simple form or call us at the numbers that is stated on our web-site.